Increasing the Involvement and Participation of EFPC Members

How can EFPC improve the crucial qualities to be incorporated into the its all of the meetings/activities to keep people involved and contributing to the organization?

We want to discuss on this theme in details, address problems, develop new ideas and practices.



Members want their values, culture, ideas, and time to be respected and considered in the organization's activities.


Members want to be recognized for their contributions to EPPC, its activities and impact to the wider community.


Members want a clearly meaningful role in the organization that makes them feel valuable and in which they can make a contribution.


Members want the opportunity to establish and build networks both professionally and personally for greater influence and enjoyment.

Recent Posts

I Idea

The Anual EFPC Open Presidency

Increasing the Involvement and Participation of EFPC Members - Roles and Opportunities

  EFPC Members have great potential to participate more actively in EFPC strategic agenda, and at the same time establishing a more efective leadership and developing their own local and regional agenda. Based on this assumption, I propose that EFPC could create a new possibility for members: the Anual EFPC Open Presidency. Every year, a member - for example, the anual conference host - not only should organize EFPC conferenc...


P Problem

Expanding the EFPC members

Increasing the Involvement and Participation of EFPC Members - Relationships

A campaign to attract new EFPC members: Where to start? - Social media but with what content? - Folders: where to distribute; do we use the attached folder (you can print ** yourself!) - Developing a one-liner? ** seems that still lots of people in the Primary Care field do not know about our existence; how to reach those people? Best way is when people start talking about you. How to make that happen? Please add your thoughts and...


Distribute important open consultations asking EFPC Members Opinions/Experiences

Increasing the Involvement and Participation of EFPC Members - Recognition

As an Example, the Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research (NIVEL)  is currently making a background report for WHO based on the literature on rural primary care. The aim of the report is to describe the problem definition, the causes of the problem, the consequences for access and quality of care and possible solutions.   The had some questions relating to rural primary care in Europe. And members of EFPC could he...


E Experience

Influencing EU Commissioner

Increasing the Involvement and Participation of EFPC Members - Relationships

EFPC invited by the EU Commissioner on Health & Food safety, Dr Andriukaitis       Earlier this month on the 3rd of May the EFPC, together with their colleagues in the HTA Health Care Professionals group (EUPHA, PGEU, CPME, among others), was invited by Dr Andriukaitis and his staff to discuss issues connected to the proposed new regulation regarding Health Technology Assessment in the European Union. On behalf of t...